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A Minute With a Monk • 05:38

Hey friends! This is a (a little bit silly, as always) video comparing modern society and our monastic life. Sometimes it’s very different, sometimes not so much.

One thing is sure, the two are needed to make a beautiful world. And in everyones life, don’t you need both too? Times of intense activity, and times of silence and prayer …

Enjoy the video!
Fr. Luc

The little « society » videos, I took them from the Internet, (I do not own them), and the « monastery“ ones, most of them were filmed in our Novitiate in St Jodard, France.

What Congregation are we? Check this out:
For more infos, discover the « Monk“ website!

Background music: Singularity, Ep 45, purchased at Sirius Beats – Star Dust, Ep 31, same source.
At the end, a few notes of the song « Voca Me » by Libera.
The rest: YT Audio Library and the Final Cut Pro Jingles Made with FinalCutPro
Uploaded Saturday 4th of June 2016
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Don't Mess Up your Life

A Minute With a Monk • 04:26

Ever heard of the Stone Jar Challenge? No?
We neither.

Anyhow, the way these three monks play around with stones on this video helps to better live one’s life.

Uploaded Sunday 6th of August 2015
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Music : As You Were, from SiriusBeat
Thank’s to Br. Christian and Br. Joseph Martin for doing this shooting with me!
This idea with the stones and the sand I found it somewhere on the web, and adapted it.

Camera Canon Eos 700d
Created with IMovie